001# Space

001# Space

001# Space is a milk tea and cocktail bar that can be found in Guiyang’s downtown. The bar itself is beautifully set in a glass atrium with lots of polished concrete. It has several smaller spaces within, giving you privacy to enjoy your drink. Unlike most bars around Guiyang, the music here doesn’t get cranked to ear-splitting levels after 9 PM. Instead, it remains low all evening, so it’s an excellent place to go for some good conversation. The cocktails, unfortunately, aren’t especially good for the 50-60 RMB price tag. So, why are we even talking about it? THERE IS A BALL PIT. FOR ADULTS. AT A BAR.

Behold. 001# Space has an entire room for your drunk self to frolic like a child. You can find this wonderful room by entering the bar, turning left and left again, then to the end of the hall. Shoes must be removed and you can’t take your drink in with you, but the initial disappointment about not being able to drink and play at the same time fades away when you realize you aren’t stepping in puddles of milk tea under all those balls.

The bar has lots of seating options, from the bar and the surrounding sofas to more private 1-2 table rooms. It’s not very busy, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding your perfect spot. There are also very large and clean washrooms, on either side of the rooms pictured here. 

One major drawback of this bar is the ordering system. They don’t have menus. This sucks if you just want to point at something and be done with it. Instead, they have a digital menu you can enter by scanning a QR code on your table. This could be a benefit if you’ve had a hard day and don’t want to talk to anyone, but may be a real struggle if you can’t read Chinese. Follow the photos below to navigate the menu and place your order.

First, you’ll need to open WeChat and scan the barcode. That should open to the screen you see in the first photo. A suggested drink pops up, which you can add to your cart (by tapping the red shopping cart). Here, we’ll skip that by hitting 关闭 (close) to look at the rest of the menu. 

The second photo here has a sliding category menu at the top of the page. The first option (hidden by the big, red arrow) is tea, followed by cocktails. Tap for cocktails, because you’re an adult. Trays of shooters are also available in the last category, if you slide the menu over all the way.

In the above photo, you can see the cocktails offered. If you can’t read the names, take a look at the bottles arrayed behind the cocktail glass for an idea of what it contains. 

Here, we’ve chosen a pretty bourbon and rose drink. Tap the red button to add it to your cart. If you’re done, tap the shopping cart icon next to the yellow arrow.

On the next screen, hit the red button to continue to payment options.

To pay, confirm your order by hitting the red bar at the bottom. It appears we got a 1 RMB discount for no discernible reason. 

On the next screen, tap next to the red arrow to pay with WeChat Wallet, or next to the green arrow to pay with cash. Follow through your usual payment steps and your drink should be on your table in no time.

001# Space is located in an alley off of Wenchang Bei Lu. It’s a freestanding two-storey building. From Hunter Mall, you can walk in the opposite direction of traffic along Wenchang until you see a blue convenience store called SkyMart on your right. The alley to 001# Space is directly beside it. 

TAXI (to SkyMart): 文昌北路,时开便利 (恒府对面)


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