1919 Booze Delivery App

1919 Booze Delivery App

In general, if I want a drink I’ll head to one of Guiyang’s many bars to satisfy my craving and socialize a bit. However, on the advice of a friend, I decided to check out 1919. It’s an alcohol delivery app with a slogan that translates to “Quickly Drink.” They’re not exaggerating, either. I’ve had a delivery come in 22 minutes, and another come in an unbelievable 17 minutes. You do need to make your order before 9 PM, however, or you can’t get delivery until the next day. Below, you can find directions for setting up the app so you can get beer delivered to your door super fast.

When you’ve installed the 1919 app and skipped the ad screen at the beginning, you should be shown a map of your current area. The blue circle is your location. Drag the red pin to the blue circle to show where you’d like delivery. An estimated delivery time will appear above the red pin when you move it. In this example, the ETA for my order was 29 minutes. 

When you’ve got the pin roughly at your location, hit the blue button at the bottom right (我要快喝, I want to drink quickly).

The next page you’ll be shown is a menu. You’ll automatically be shown the page for baijiu, but you can tap other categories at the top. A few categories are labelled at the top in this photo, but you can just look through them to see what’s available. With wines and liquor, make sure to check the bottle size in the listing. Sometimes the price is too good to be true because you’re looking at a 50 ml bottle. 

One cool thing you’ll find if you select the second-to-last category is that you can actually buy wine or beer glasses or even a corkscrew from the app. It’s a really cool option that could definitely come in handy (if you’re too fancy to drink your wine from a paper cup).

Tap the blue button at the bottom right (结算, settle up) to move on when you’ve selected the drinks you’d like. 

You’ll be prompted with a standard phone login form. Enter your phone number at the top, then click the green-circled button “获取验证码,” (get verification code) and wait for an SMS. 

Enter the code you received in the text message and then hit the big, blue button at the bottom, “登录” (login) to continue.

You’ll be directed to a page for your personal info next. The first box asks for the a name, then a phone number. In general, this should be your own name and phone number.

When I placed my first order, I got a very brief confirmation call a minute later. I pretty much just had to say “ah, ah, ah, OK, bye,” and my order arrived just fine. If this is beyond you, you may want to put a friend’s contact info so they can talk to the caller for you.

Tap the arrow I’ve circled in  green to continue.

On this page, the contact info you entered should be at the top. Hit the little arrow next to “neighborhood name” and look for the Chinese name of your neighborhood. Suggestions are location-based, but if you’re not sure, check with a friend. After selecting the neighborhood, you should be sent back to this page. 

Enter your building, unit and apartment numbers. The format should be ___栋___单元___号 (___building ___unit ___ apartment number with floor). So, if you live in building 2, unit 3, on the 11th floor, in apartment 5, your address will be 2栋3单元1105号. This is a basic guideline. If you live in a weird neighborhood with irregular addresses, you’ll have to figure the format out on your own. For mine, to be extra sure, I wrote the full address out, including neighborhood and district name. 

Select “家,” or “house,” if it’s being delivered to a home address and not a business. Then, tap the big, blue “确定” to confirm.

When I was ordering, it seemed like I got a few pop-ups like this, all confirming my address. Just keep hitting “确定” (confirm) or “我知道” (I know) until you get directed to the next screen.

On the payment screen, choose Alipay or WeChat as your payment portal, tap “确认支付” (confirm payment), and then go through the usual payment process for your chosen method. There is a 15 minute timer on this, so your order will be canceled if you don’t complete payment by the end of the 15 minutes.

After your order has been placed and paid for, you can tap “查看订单” (check order) to see what was ordered and delivery status.

On this page, you can see a list of what you’ve ordered. If you like, you can tap “查看物流” (check logistics). If you can read Chinese, you’ll be able to see as your order is received, assembled, and picked up by the delivery driver. 

Side note: while the wine I ordered was absolute garbage, the beer was amazing. I’ll definitely be ordering it again. It’s called Kaiba (开巴) and there were four varieties. The coffee porter, jasmine tea ale, passion fruit lager, and copper ale were all great choices. 

Overall, the 1919 alcohol delivery app is convenient and easy to use. I was seriously blown away with how fast my deliveries came. The prices were good, and the quality seemed fine. Obviously, if you order the absolute cheapest bottle of wine on the app (like me), it isn’t going to win any awards. However, friends ordered better wine and were very pleased with their purchase.

The major drawback is the 9 PM order cutoff for same-day delivery. I was unaware of it, placed an order about 10 minutes after 9. First, that shouldn’t even be possible. Second, I got a series of phone calls saying they’d deliver it, and then wouldn’t, and then would, and then wouldn’t. Eventually the delivery guy, who was technically done work for the day, did come by with my order. The whole situation could have been avoided if the app disabled the same-day delivery option when 9 PM arrived.

I’ve also noticed that the app doesn’t have a zoom function for the photos in the listings. It seems like a small problem, but can be frustrating when you are trying to read the English on the bottles. Sometimes there is a closeup if you swipe to the next photo, but it’s frustrating that they’re missing such a simple function.

Hopefully the above instructions help you get your party going. If you used the app and liked it, didn’t like it, or just want to talk about it, comment below to tell me about it!

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  1. Karim says:

    I’ve used it three times, and the longest it took for my booze to arrive was 27 minutes.
    Pretty cool app

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