I moved to Guiyang in 2013. Having spent a fair amount of time in big Chinese cities, I thought I’d settle in to Guiyang life easily. Before making the move, I searched and searched for anything I could find about the city online. There were people’s travel blogs, reviews of local tourist sites, and press releases about highway construction, but there was no information for my needs, the needs of a person moving to the city and wanting to make a life. I knew that Guiyang would be less accessible than Beijing, but I couldn’t find transportation info anywhere except YouTube videos of motorcycle-taxi rides. Moving to a new place is enough hassle when you have all the information you need. With only general guides to China, and no English language info on the city itself, it becomes nearly impossible to plan for everything.

After living in Guiyang for a few years and falling in love with the food, people and the city in general, I decided that I had the information and inclination to start up a central resource for new expats in town. Guiyang Bites is still small, but spending time getting to know Guiyang and its food, bars, and tourist sites just makes me want to find more. Some things take a lot of time and research, while others just require me to pop in to a restaurant for a quick meal or two. With time, I’ll have the whole city laid open online for you. Whether you’re considering a move to Guiyang, are new in the city, or have been here a while and just want to find out more about the hidden places around town, Guiyang Bites is for you.

Happy Travels,

Jill Marie

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