Living in Guiyang Guide: Cough and Cold Medicine

Stop Coughing Medicine Guiyang Medicine Guide Guizhou

Living in Guiyang Guide: Cough and Cold Medicine Coming down with a cold is never fun. When you’re in a strange country and can’t find familiar medicines to treat what ails you, getting sick can be more than a little inconvenient. It’s no secret that there’s no cure for the common cold. China, however, has some great cold medicine that can get you back on your feet in record time. Keep in mind that I’m … Continue reading

1919 Booze Delivery App

Beer 1919 Beer and Alcohol Delivery App Guiyang Guizhou

1919 Booze Delivery App In general, if I want a drink I’ll head to one of Guiyang’s many bars to satisfy my craving and socialize a bit. However, on the advice of a friend, I decided to check out 1919. It’s an alcohol delivery app with a slogan that translates to “Quickly Drink.” They’re not exaggerating, either. I’ve had a delivery come in 22 minutes, and another come in an unbelievable 17 minutes. You do … Continue reading

Guiyang Snack Guide: Fried Rice

Guiyang Bites Guizhou Guide to Chaofan Stand

Guiyang Snack Guide: Fried Rice Fried rice, or chǎofàn (炒饭), stands line the streets of Guiyang from early evening on through the night. Their colorful arrays of sliced veggies are eye-catching and easy to order. To identify whether a street vendor sells fried rice, look for a wok. If they have a wok, chances are they do fried rice. Many places also have a grid of boxes or baskets filled with finely sliced vegetables. These ones … Continue reading

Guiyang Snack Guide: Dumplings

Guide to Guiyang Dumplings Guantangbao

Guiyang Snack Guide: Dumplings Dumplings can be found all over the city and China as a whole. To find one, look for stacked steaming trays. They can be either bamboo or metal, and sit atop a steaming counter or cart. There are many kinds of dumplings with an unending variety of fillings, but today we’ll go through the three types you’ll see most around Guiyang. All of them are pork-filled. jiǎozi 饺子 The absolute most … Continue reading

QuickTo Bicycle Share

QuickTo Bike Sharing

Back again with yet another bike sharing app! This time, we’ll be signing up for QuickTo, my bike sharing app of choice. QuickTo, called 快兔出行, or Fast Rabbit Bike Rental, in Chinese, is the app associated with the green bikes you can see around Guiyang. I’m not sure why it has a low rating on my app store, because the app ran smoothly and the bikes are nice and readily available around town.  You’ll need: … Continue reading

Mobike Bicycle Share

Mobike Bike Sharing Silver Bike

Next in the series of bike sharing apps in Guiyang, we’ve got Mobike. Mobike is probably the bike sharing service you’ll see the most around Guiyang, and they’ve got an easy-to-use app for rentals.  To sign up for Mobike, you’ll need: WeChat Wallet or Alipay A Chinese phone number, QQ or WeChat A phone with the internet, Bluetooth and GPS Your passport Step 1   Download the Mobike App from your phone’s app store. Mobike … Continue reading

Ofo Bicycle Share

Ofo bikes yellow bike

One of the coolest things to pop up around China this year are the bike sharing services. You’ve probably noticed the brightly colored bikes scattered around Guiyang, and read articles here and there about the different  services. If you’d really like to get mobile but you’re not sure how, you can follow this guide to sign up for Ofo, one of the major bike sharing services that’s available in Guiyang. Look for more guides to … Continue reading

Taobao Guide Part 3: Address

Taobao Logo

Welcome to the next step in your Taobao journey! You’ve signed up for Taobao, you have a bank account connected to Alipay. Now you need to tell Taobao where to send your purchases. Head to the Taobao homepage and follow the directions below. You can zoom in on all of the photos in this guide by clicking on them. These pictures are from the desktop version of Taobao. On mobile or the app, the buttons … Continue reading

Taobao Guide Part 2: Alipay

setting up alipay logo

Alipay is one of the main ways to pay for things electronically in China. It works for shopping, food delivery apps, many stores and restaurants, and sending money to your friends. Here, we’re going to set up a bank card on Alipay. You need a Chinese bank card, Chinese phone number, your passport number and your name exactly as your bank typed it in when you made your account. All the info must match or it won’t … Continue reading

Vegetarian Food

buddhist restaurant eggplant dish guiyang guizhou

You’ve made the move to Guiyang, possibly from the other side of the world. Before you moved, you’d heard that China has many different kinds of tofu, plenty of egg dishes, and lots of fresh veggies sold on every street corner. Your information wasn’t wrong, just incomplete. In China, pork is life. It’s so important that it doesn’t even need a special word; it’s simply referred to as meat. As a result, local cooks sneak … Continue reading