Cloud Bar (Novotel Hotel)

Cloud Bar (Novotel Hotel)

Located on the 29th floor of the Novotel hotel, Cloud Bar is a brand new beer and cocktail bar with a fantastic view of the city. Even more exciting, the entire bar rotates, so your view changes as you enjoy your drinks. Note that while the bar is open from 11 AM to 1 AM, it only rotates between 6 and 10 PM. 

The bar has warm, classic decor (aside from the large emoji faces that pepper the windows). The rotating floor area is filled with tables that seat six or sometimes more. There are green leather sofas, dark wood accents and the whole place is encircled with two-story-tall windows.  Head up the stairs to find more private seating areas, where small groups can sit in booths looking out on the lower level.

As an added bonus, you can even find the holy grail — a western toilet —  in the bar’s washroom.

The bar at Cloud hosts a very wide selection of bottled beer. At the moment, only some beers are available cold. If you need it cold, wander over to the bar area to take a peek into the central cooler before you order. All of their beers are proudly displayed above the bar, and they have a full list on their handwritten English menu as well.

You can also find all of Trip Smith’s brews on tap. The prices here are actually slightly lower (by 2-3 RMB) than they are at the brewpub itself. 


Surprisingly, Cloud has some of the most affordable cocktails in Guiyang, starting at just 32 RMB. Though their cocktail menu is small, you can also order mixed drinks. To order, ring the call buzzer at your table and a server will appear to take your order. If you have a special drink order, you may want to wander over to the bar to ask Rolit, the English-speaking head bartender. 

The menu does have food, but the English translations are a bit unreliable. My tacos were actually a (quite spicy) quesadilla with no cheese, while a friend’s beef burger was really a sandwich. Food is served from opening until 9 PM, when they switch to a limited snack menu. 


Cloud can be found atop the Novotel hotel in downtown Guiyang. On Zhonghua Lu, between Dashizi and Dusi Lu, you’ll spot a KFC and a China Merchants’ Bank next to each other. The Novotel’s entrance is behind the bank. 

When you get in, pass the reception desk to get to the elevators and head to the 29th floor.

TAXI: 诺富特酒店 

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