Feel in Riverside 18

Feel in Riverside 18

I love to eat good healthy food, something which Guizhou has in abundance. So I was naturally curious when I noticed a new restaurant had opened on the mini strip of eateries on Nanpu Lu, especially after a friend had also recommended it to me. I was also curious in that Feel in Riverside 18 is a western style restaurant. In my 6 years in this fair city I’ve never really known a restaurant to carry off that authentic western dining experience, so I was a little skeptical to whether it could deliver. The first thing you notice is the slick, stylish, yet comfortable interior. The tables are adequately spaced from each other and the chairs are really comfortable with the bar an impressive focal point. 

The venue is dotted with video screens showing music videos and the background music is a mixture of EDM, pop and hip hop, which rather than being intrusive, adds a little something to the whole dining experience. The service is good and the manager Harry speaks great English from working in Macau for 6 years, so non-Chinese-speaking foreigners fear not — you’ll not get any surprises after ordering.


We had 3 dishes. First up was the Norwegian salmon tartar, a mixture of diced salmon, tomatoes, onions, and black olives,  which was a good combination of flavors and made for a tasty opening gambit. Next up was the restaurant’s signature dish,  a lobster risotto which included some great-tasting chicken, clams and mussels all served in a tomato sauce which really hit the spot. We were still a bit hungry, though, so we then ordered the trio of mini-burgers which weren’t that mini to be honest. 

The beef one was my favorite of the three. The meat was very tender.


Pretty much everything, great atmosphere, cool music, dimly lit to just the right level, good food and great service. I should say though it’s not the cheapest restaurant by any stretch of the imagination, but for me worth those few extra pennies. Feel in Restaurant 18 is a cool place to eat, an unhurried dining experience and exactly what Guiyang has been crying out for. Oh, and the Lapsong tea was superb!


It’s written in both English and Chinese with loads of pictures. You can order pizzas, steaks, pasta, burgers and seafood with an assortment of snacks, starters and sides. There is also a fairly wide range of drinks available with a cocktail list to suit all tastes and reasonably priced at around 50 yuan per cocktail.


Feel in Restaurant 18 faces the river downtown near Estee Mall. From the mall, cross Shinan Lu and look for Nanpu Lu. It should be just to the right of the cross walk. It’s about 20 meters past Flowers in the Kitchen Restaurant, at 18 Nanpu Lu.

TAXI: 南浦路18号

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