Imperial Beijing Duck Restaurant

Guiyang food is a lively cuisine, made up of strong sour and spicy flavors, colorful vegetables and lots of pork. Every once in a while, it’s nice to give your mouth (and stomach) a rest from Guiyang’s cuisine, and eat something with a different flavor profile.

Imperial Beijing Duck Restaurant offers up a completely different menu from the local Guiyang fare. Peking Duck is the main dish, but there are also plenty of other northern dishes. 

This restaurant is very popular among locals, so when you arrive, tell the staff at the front desk how many people and you’ll receive a number. There are automated announcements of the numbers in Chinese, so listen for yours carefully. If you can’t understand, just stay near the desk and look hopefully at the staff. They’ll keep an eye on your ticket.


There were two of us and we weren’t particularly hungry, so we just got a couple of things to try. 

běijīngkǎoyā — 北京烤鸭 — Peking Duck

This crispy-skinned, smoked, juicy duck is served with thin pancakes, and a tray of sauce and veggies to top it.

gōngbǎojīdīng — 宫保鸡丁 — Kungpao Chicken

Even though kungpao chicken is a local dish, Beijing’s version has always been a favorite. Mild, sweet, and full of peanuts, with boneless chicken that’s less gristly than the Guiyang version, the dish here is a nice compromise between the northern and southern styles.


The serving size of the Peking Duck here was on the smaller side, but it was still more than enough for two. The skin was gorgeous, translucent from the smoking and had just the right crispiness. 

This specific restaurant offered something I’d never seen before: alongside the typical duck sauce, cucumber and onion, there was mustard! The mustard tasted like a mix between a grainy Dijon and wasabi. It went nicely with all the other toppings, and gave the duck a sharper flavor than the standard serving method.



The menu is full of clear pictures of dishes, so here is just the duck page of the menu. Right at the beginning of the menu, it lists several prices, but there are only two that matter. First is the price per whole duck (一只鸭 —  yīzhǐyā), and second is the price per half duck (半只鸭 — bànzhǐyā. The slightly lower prices below them are the membership card prices.




Imperial Beijing Duck Restaurant can be found directly next to Hunter Mall. From Hunter, just walk up the hill from the movie theater entrance, and it’s between Hunter and the traffic lights.

The two-story restaurant gets super packed at night, but tables move fairly quickly so you shouldn’t have to wait more than 30 minutes, as long as there aren’t 10 tables in front of you.  

TAXI (to Hunter): 亨特购物中心

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