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The music scene in Guiyang is growing, with more bars featuring live music than ever before. However, the music choices can be quite limited, with just a few places featuring jazz and blues scattered around the city. Enter Jin Livehouse, a venue that attracts touring bands from all over the world, with a focus on the harder stuff. 

The owner of Guiyang’s Livehouse, a musician himself, returned to his hometown from Beijing  in 2015. For years, his friends at home had complained that there were no good venues for live music in Guiyang, which resulted in a dearth of bands. This information pushed Jin to open his own Livehouse, where he could welcome local and touring bands. He sees it not only as a venue for music, but also welcomes anyone who would like to present art, dance or drama.

The venue itself is everything you look for when heading to a show. It’s a bit of a dive, physically underground, with cheap beers and band stickers coating the walls. Every week there are at least a couple of shows, with some weeks having 3 or 4. It can hold about 350 people, so it really throws down when it hosts a big show.

The bar offers a few mixed drinks, but they are frequently out of stock. If you’re easily satisfied with whatever beer is cold, you’ll be happy here.

Aside from the music and the drinks, Jin Livehouse is genuinely just a friendly place to hang out. Like many small venues around the world, the bar is staffed with people who are into the local music scene, and are happy to hang out, have a beer and talk shop.

Jin is also a pretty mean foosball player, and has recently gotten a new table. It’s professional grade and ready for people to come and challenge the boss. On slower nights, you’ll find people clustered around the table enjoying some friendly competition.


You can find Jin Livehouse near Dashizi. It’s at the intersection of Zhonghua Nan Lu and Shifu Lu (you might recognize that as being the corner that PLAYHOUSE is on). On the south side of that intersection, there’s a small convenience/cigarette shop that faces Zhonghua Lu, and then the doors to a large building. Within the entrance of the large building, you can see the door, pictured here, to go down the stairs to Jin Livehouse. The name of the building is Haitian Plaza (海天大厦) if you’re asking for directions.

TAXI (to the intersection directly beside the bar): 海天大厦,市府路和中华南路十字路口

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