La Casa (Formerly Babbo)

La Casa (Formerly Babbo)

La Casa (previously named Babbo) is a fantastic pizza and pasta restaurant with a gorgeous new location. No longer hidden in a Huaguoyuan high-rise, La Casa’s spacious new location features a beautiful outdoor seating area and a cozy, non-smoking interior.

The restaurant’s indoor sections are dimly lit and nicely decorated. Music from classic crooners plays quietly in the background. The rooms have low lighting, with spotlights over the tables to focus on your food. It’s a great spot for a romantic date, or just a place to get your fill of the amazing food. The owner and some servers speak English, and the menu features English as well, so it’s easy to order.



La Casa hits it out of the park with pretty much every dish we’ve ordered over the span of many visits. High quality ingredients in the pasta are noticeable, and the chef pays careful attention to presentation. I’m particularly partial to the spaghetti carbonara, with its rich, creamy sauce and generous garnish of fresh grated parmesan. Another stand-out was the spaghetti with dried tomatoes. Delicately flavored and with a generous sprinkling of pine nuts, it’s beautiful and tasty. 

The pizza at La Casa is the best in Guiyang. The base of the dough is thin, but with a puffy and browned outer crust. The toppings are varied and well chosen. I can’t decide on a favorite between two of the pizzas on the menu. Mozza, parm, blue cheese and ricotta join to blow your mind in the four-cheese pizza. The sausage pizza is an explosion of color and flavor, with meatballs of hand-made sausage atop each slice. Luckily, the menu offers the option of a half-and-half, because this is a dilemma I face on every visit. 



The restaurant is on a side street, but is still readily accessible from downtown Guiyang. It’s a one-way street, so if you’re in a taxi you’ll have to enter it from Ruijin Lu, and the restaurant complex will be on the left shortly after getting onto Huancheng Bei Lu. If you’d rather walk, from Penshuichi, walk north to Yongle Lu, turn left and continue on that street until you see the restaurant to your right. 

After heading up the stairs to see the courtyard garden, head straight for the restaurant at the back. The doors are located behind the elevators. 

TAXI: 环城北路(里瑞金北路附近)

Lunch is served from 11:30 AM to 2 PM, and the restaurant reopens for dinner from 5:30 PM to 1 AM. After 10 PM, the kitchen offers Antipasti and Caldi from the menu.

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