Like Salad (喜沙拉)

Like Salad (喜沙拉)

One of the common complaints I hear from Guiyang expats is that there’s just too much oil in everything. Well, here’s a solution for a greasy diet. Get yourself to Like Salad (喜沙拉), where there are fresh salads with light and tasty ingredients. Just up the hill from Hunter Mall, Like Salad is yet another alleyway gem that I would never have known about without the help of a friend. Having an option like this in Guiyang is invaluable, and it makes a quick and convenient lunch for people on the run. As an extra bonus, you can find them on Meituan Delivery. You can get their awesome salads right to your door, if you live within the delivery radius. It’s open from 11 AM to 8 PM.

All of the salads and rice bowls have the same vegetable ingredients: tomato, red beans, corn, shredded carrot, sliced cucumber, diced potato and taro (cooked), purple cabbage, and lettuce/mixed greens. They’re lively salads and come with your choice of dressing. A word to the wise, however: the ceasar salad has the same ingredients as the others, but with both chicken and bacon, so if you were looking for something a little more true to form, you might be disappointed there. You can choose from thousand island, ceasar, or sesame dressings, or an oil/vinegar mix. 


àozhōu jìnkǒu niúròu shālā — 澳洲进口牛肉沙拉 — Australian Beef Salad

The beef salad is topped with a nicely seasoned steak, prepared sous vide ahead of time, and served cold atop the veggies. The steak is sliced very thin, and in thin strips. If you prefer a meat-heavy salad, you can order more for an additional 12 RMB. 

fǎshì jīxiōngròu shālā — 法式鸡胸肉沙拉 — French Style Chicken Breast Salad

Here, the same salad is topped with a different meat. This is what I ordered the first time I went, and it came automatically with the sesame dressing, which is definitely my favorite. Lightly sweet but creamy, it’s a nice complement to the juicy and tender chicken breast. The chicken breast is also seasoned with black pepper, and sliced atop the salad. Additional chicken costs 10 RMB if you wish to double down.



fǎshì jīxiōngròu wǔgǔfàn — 法式鸡胸肉五谷饭 — French Style Chicken Breast Five Grain Rice Bowl

The five grain rice bowl is a breath of fresh air if you’ve only been eating the spicy, oily cuisine of Guiyang. On one side, you have a salad, and on the other, you’ve got beautifully textured five-grain rice. Top it off with your choice of meat and dressing, and you’ve got a  filling and flavorful dinner. Pictured here is the chicken, a definite favorite.


The menu here has a fair amount of stuff on it for its size. Salads, rice bowls, and sandwiches are all featured. I can’t comment on the sandwich quality as I haven’t had a chance to try them, but if you have, feel free to let others know about them in the comments. They also have some yogurt and a section for adding more meats and vegetables. There are several photos on the menu, so if your Chinese skills are a bit weak, just point to order. 


Like Salad is down an alleyway right at the top of Wenchang Bei Lu, where it intersects with Yanan Dong Lu. If you’re walking up from Hunter, just walk straight up Wenchang and take the last alley on your right. The entrance is always surrounded with scooter taxis and food vendors. 

Follow the alley for about 100 m and you should see another alley branching off on the right. Like Salad is right at the corner between the two.

If you’re taking a cab, the driver should let you out right at the top of Wenchang Bei Lu. The alleyway will be on the left side of the road. 

TAXI: 文昌北路和延安东路的十字路口 (送在文昌北路)

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