MIA Flower Café

MIA Flower Café

On my continuous hunt for places with patios, I stumbled upon MIA Flower & Tea. The photos I found online intrigued me, and I set out to see what they had to offer. It was a bit difficult to find at first, but completely worth it. Their eclectic decor (think grandma’s shabby chic garden) and private courtyard are a true delight. Every nook in the two-story café has been festooned with knick-knacks, making it just as fun to explore as it is to sit and sip your coffee or tea. 

At the rear of the building you’ll find a real treat, a four-season courtyard where you can enjoy the weather in a fairly private environment. Carry on up the stairs to the right to go to the second story. You’ll find another small exterior seating area with a view of the courtyard and a few more private rooms inside. If you’re exploring, don’t stop until you get all the way to the end of the building. In the room furthest from the patio on the second floor, there’s a section of glass floor where you can peek down at the level below.



MIA Flower has a pretty extensive menu which I couldn’t get my own photographs of, because it’s on an iPad. The owner sent over some of the photos, however, which I’ve translated into English. Aside from coffee, tea and soda, there are a few varieties of cheesecake. They also serve beer, including Hoegaarden, Lindeman’s, and 1664, all of which fall in the 30-40 RMB range. I drank an Americano when I visited. It was a standard coffee served with a packet of sugar, and they brought me some milk when I requested it. 

Tap the dots below the menu photos to scroll through.



MIA Flower & Tea is in an alleyway that branches off of Wenchang Bei Lu. From Hunter Mall, cross to the opposite side of the street and walk against the direction of traffic, uphill. Pass the Zhongshan intersection and carry on. You’ll pass Black Hotel (on your right). About a half block past there, you can see a long stairwell between two buildings (it’s directly opposite the second photo below). Go all the way up those stairs, turn left, and then turn right at the next alley. MIA will be ahead of you on your left. If you’d prefer a map, type MIA 咖啡馆 into Baidu Maps and it’ll help you locate the café.

TAXI (to Hunter): 亨特购物中心

Hours: 1:30 PM-11 PM daily

Contact: (WeChat ID) Ayuhome (no English)

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