Mumu One

Mumu One

Mumu One is one of Guiyang’s newest restaurants, only a week old currently. They have good coffee, snacks, a handful of cocktails, AND ALL-DAY BRUNCH. All day, everyday. Best of all, it’s actually good. Not only did they have dishes are extremely rare in Guiyang (hello, Eggs Benedict), the serving sizes were ample and everything tasted great. The only complaint anybody could think of was that they were a bit slow, but the coffee came out pretty quickly, so it wasn’t as though anybody was left with nothing for the wait. As an added bonus for some of us, there’s no smoking in the restaurant. 


This menu is full of all star dishes, but let’s just lead with what you want to know. Yes, that’s a damned fine breakfast. It’s got sausages, hashbrowns, eggs, beans, bacon, and homemade bread with avocado. There were a couple of small drawbacks. First, it’s called a Full English breakfast, but doesn’t have blood pudding. Second, the bread wasn’t toasted or buttered (though there were two slices, we just removed one for the photo). These are incredibly small problems compared to how happy we were to find a big breakfast here. Also, if you’re vegetarian or don’t eat pork, the meats can be replaced with a green salad.

Next up, the Eggs Benedict. The side salad was gorgeous. It had a nice mix of very fresh veggies, and a very nice dill cream cheese dressing. As far as the Eggs Benedict themselves, the flavor was excellent. The bread, again was a simple homemade crusty loaf. The only small concerns I have are that usually there are two eggs, both atop the other ingredients and the bread, and that I’d prefer more hollandaise sauce. Honestly, though, the dish didn’t suffer for the omissions, and I left more than happy.

The photo at the top of this page is of the house specialty, Souffle Pancakes (also known as Japanese fluffy pancakes). These looked gorgeous,  and though I didn’t try them myself, they were very much enjoyed by a friend who’s been back since. They have maple syrup and a rose-infused cream as toppings.

The coffee was also excellent. A friend had an americano and was very impressed.The sea salt caramel latte, pictured here, was quite large (much larger than it looks in the photo) and was absolutely delicious. The owner pointed out the you can also have them use fresh milk by request for an additional 3 RMB, instead of the usual shelf stable stuff. 


There’s not a lot that needs to be said about the menu at Mumu One, pictured fully below. It’s got English, it’s pretty descriptive, and they seem to have all the things they advertise. The only thing I’ve noticed that seems a bit confusing is a Shakshuka that has mushrooms, beef, pumpkin and possibly jalapenos, but I’ll leave that mystery to be explored by someone else.


Mumu One can be found on Xinhua Lu, fairly close to the large traffic circle down the hill from Hunter Mall. If you’re walking from Hunter, head down to the traffic circle, keep left as you cross the river, and you’ll see Mumu One a few hundred meters away from the traffic circle, also on your left. It’s a big storefront, so it should be decently easy to find. 

TAXI (to the hotel next door to the restaurant): 新华路(甲秀时尚酒店旁边)

Open every day 10 AM to 10 PM

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4 Responses to Mumu One

  1. Drunk Dad says:

    Jalapeno?Habanero?I dunno, man. I’m more concerned about the purée of the pump king

  2. Sam Stub says:

    The load more option on your front page isn’t working for me. I’ve tried using Safari and Chrome. Visiting Guiyang this weekend and really appreciate all your recommendations!

    • Jill Marie says:

      Hi Sam,
      I’ve tinkered a bit and hopefully it’ll work now. I tested it on a few devices and it should work. One thing that comes to mind if you’re in China is that the site is currently excruciatingly slow to load without a VPN. If it still won’t load for you, try hopping on IG and following @guiyang.bites . It’s a more casual version of the site, with daily eats and random old favorites posted regularly. It’s also a lot faster to interact on there, so if you have questions I can help you out right away!

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