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Obsession is a popular hangout on Wenchang Bei Lu. With good cocktails and a nice Chinese/Western menu, it’s no surprise that the bar fills up several nights per week. It’s undergone a recent redesign and added more seating, but even so the seating areas retain a sense of privacy. An assortment of sofas and tables makes up the greater part of the bar. The larger areas like the one pictured here can accommodate larger groups. Some people choose to take up space at the bar, which is also a good location to watch people come and go. Obsession is open from 2 PM to 2 AM, with the better part of their customers showing up after supper. The kitchen closes late, after 1 AM.

The entrance to Obsession opens directly onto the long bar. You can often find expats here, chatting, drinking some cocktails, and listening to the music. 

The music in Obsession is toned down through the afternoon and evening, but they do have live music most evenings. The house band plays all jazz, while the daytime music varies from slow oldies and jazz, to subdued rock like Radiohead and pop tunes from Adele.

Obsession Bar Guiyang Guizhou Chicken

The bar serves a variety of beer and cocktails, with fruit mojitos, godfathers and zombies being the most popular of the latter. It’s also known for its good selection of quality whiskeys. The menu is in English and Chinese, so you shouldn’t have any trouble ordering.

The food menu is impressive for a bar. There are Western and Chinese options, and everything is labelled in English or Chinese. On this visit, several of us ordered burgers on recommendation from a friend, and while others were really happy with theirs I wasn’t a huge fan. The burger is sizable, but it’s actually two smaller patties, and I found it pretty hard to keep it in sandwich form. Others dove in with forks and knives and loved them. I would recommend the Deep Fried Chicken with Fries, because that was damned good. If you’ve got a peanut allergy, watch out, though, as there are peanuts and peanut crumbs scattered on that dish.



Obsession is on Wenchang Bei Lu. It’s a short walk from Hunter Mall, and in the absence of any other good landmarks on the street, it’s probably a good idea to get dropped off near Hunter your first time going here. From there, walk up the hill/against traffic, past the traffic lights at Zhongshan Dong Lu and Dongxin Lu. Obsession is on the right side of the Wenchang Bei Lu as you walk up. When you see this storefront, head down the stairs and to your right. 

TAXI to Hunter Mall: 亨特购物中心

TAXI to the street the bar is on: 文昌北路

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