Pho You

Pho You

Local cuisine has no shortage of good noodles. Guiyang’s beef noodles and Changwang noodles are some of the area’s most famous dishes. That did not diminish my excitement by even a little bit when a friend introduced me to the first pho restaurant I’ve seen in the city. Pho You has a good variety of Vietnamese dishes that will satisfy your craving for a good feed. The restaurant seems to fill up fairly quickly after 6, but we were easily able to get seats a bit early, around 5 PM. Each staff member we spoke to was able to speak at least some English.



We tried the beef and pork pho, both of which were nice. The serving size was on the smaller side for pho, and there were some weird processed meatballs thrown in that were not up to the standard of everything else they served. The broth was tasty, though, and the meat was nice. Overall it was about what you’d expect from a Guiyang interpretation of pho. It was pretty average, but I’d get it again. 

Shrimps Nam (Vietnamese Spring Rolls)

This appetizer was fresh and simple: cold spring rolls with shrimp, served with a sweet sauce for dipping. 

Beef Triangle (Vietnamese Samosas)

Served six to a plate, these crispy, deep-fried pastries were a treat. They were exactly what I’d hoped they would be, and will definitely be something I order each time I visit. 

Citronella Pork

Out of everything we ordered on this visit, this was probably our least favorite. There wasn’t anything wrong with the dish, per se. It was simply underwhelming on a table of tasty food. It was thin slices of pork belly, about an inch long, served cold. The pork was arranged around a dipping sauce, which was also quite plain.


Baguette Chicken with Citronella

Out of everything we ordered, this dish was an easy favorite. It was a smallish bowl with chunks of bone-in chicken stewed in a lightly-seasoned gravy. To the side were thick slices of baguette, perfect for sopping up the gravy as we ate. This is the dish I’ll be coming back for every time. 


Below are photos of the whole menu. Tap on them to expand. Most items have the English names listed. The final two pages have drinks. Drip coffee is available in coconut (椰子咖啡) or egg (鸡蛋咖啡)varieties. The final page of the menu lists available flavors of soda. You can get passionfruit (百香果气泡水), lemon-mint (柠檬薄荷气泡水), coconut-pineapple (椰子菠萝气泡水) sodas. The final drink on the last page is called “chilled bird’s nest” (冰镇燕窝). I don’t know what exactly that one is, but be sure to comment below to share the knowledge if you know or decide to order it!


The entrance to Pho You is hidden in a very cool alleyway in Penshuichi. If you’re facing the road in front of Flora Plaza, turn right and keep an eye out for the storefront in the following photo (it’s between Flora Plaza and Yanan Lu). Walk through the store and out the back into a hidden courtyard, where you’ll find the restaurant’s entrance immediately to your left and up a flight of stairs.

TAXI (to Flora Plaza): 南国华锦

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