Pink No Bibi

Pink No Bibi

Inside a strangely empty mall in downtown Guiyang is a whimsical, pink ice cream and drink shop. Pink No Bibi serves very cute soft-serve ice cream with sweet toppings like fruit, marshmallows, or cotton candy. The shop itself is a princess-fairy-tale-dream of everything pink you can imagine. There are big, pink feather dusters, a pink skull perched on a table, a pink bust of Michaelango’s David, and even a pink ball pit (not much of one, though).


We didn’t sample the drinks, but we tried a couple of the ice cream offerings. I had a vanilla ice cream with real dried strawberry crumbled on top and a yogurt dipped pretzel-stick. My friend’s ice cream was topped with a bunch of pastel marshmallows. Prices were about 30-35 RMB, and both came with a clear plastic spoon that turned pink when it came in contact with the cold ice cream, which was just a really nice touch.

Pink No Bibi is a great example of a 网红店, an internet-famous shop. Cafes, bars, and other businesses that are out of the way will come up with a gimmick to get people in the door. 001# Space, for example, has a huge ball pit. Mia Flower & Tea has gorgeous flowers everywhere and a courtyard to sit in. Pink No Bibi has little spots with good lighting and props to take great selfies. It’s a strange concept, but it’s actually pretty fun once you’re there. Other customers will be doing the same thing, so you don’t need to feel self-conscious. If you’re headed there, grab your best pink accessories to really ham it up.

The menu at Pink No Bibi is a tablet that you can swipe through. Every item has a good photo that you can point at to order. I did try to order the cotton-candy-wrapped ice cream, but it wasn’t available. I’m unsure if they can generally make it. 


You can find Guiyang’s pinkest ice cream shop on the 3rd floor of Colorful Mall, across from the entrance to Playhouse. The mall really looks abandoned, but don’t lose hope when you go in! The mall’s Chinese name is 缤纷地购物中心, which you can plug into your map app to find. It’s a short walk from Dashizi.

TAXI: 缤纷地购物中心 (市府路)

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