Trip Smith

Trip Smith Bar Guiyang Guizhou Beer

Trip Smith Trip Smith is the first and most successful of Guiyang’s  local breweries. Its beer can be found in bars all around the city, and is a recognizable brand name for anyone who’s been in Guiyang for more than a few months. Hidden in an alleyway off of Qianling Dong Lu, Trip Smith began its journey as a local secret, difficult but rewarding to find. Their reputation spread has spread and now they’re one … Continue reading


inside 4 uptown bar guiyang guizhou

Uptown is the straight-up favorite bar for Guiyang expats. The tunes can be loud, but they don’t totally overwhelm conversation, there’s a good selection of beers and cocktails, and they have a pool table.  The staff here speak some English, and the drink menu has English and Chinese so you can order easily even if you end up with a bartender who can’t understand you. They keep the beer cold, which is still not the … Continue reading