Mobike Bicycle Share

Mobike Bike Sharing Silver Bike

Next in the series of bike sharing apps in Guiyang, we’ve got Mobike. Mobike is probably the bike sharing service you’ll see the most around Guiyang, and they’ve got an easy-to-use app for rentals.  To sign up for Mobike, you’ll need: WeChat Wallet or Alipay A Chinese phone number, QQ or WeChat A phone with the internet, Bluetooth and GPS Your passport Step 1   Download the Mobike App from your phone’s app store. Mobike … Continue reading

Ofo Bicycle Share

Ofo bikes yellow bike

One of the coolest things to pop up around China this year are the bike sharing services. You’ve probably noticed the brightly colored bikes scattered around Guiyang, and read articles here and there about the different  services. If you’d really like to get mobile but you’re not sure how, you can follow this guide to sign up for Ofo, one of the major bike sharing services that’s available in Guiyang. Look for more guides to … Continue reading