Jin Livehouse

The music scene in Guiyang is growing, with more bars featuring live music than ever before. However, the music choices can be quite limited, with just a few places featuring jazz and blues scattered around the city. Enter Jin Livehouse, a venue that attracts touring bands from all over the world, with a focus on the harder stuff. The owner of Guiyang’s Livehouse, a musician himself, returned to his hometown from Beijing  in 2015. For … Continue reading

Dr. Cocktail

Dr. Cocktail Inside one of Huaguoyuan’s many skyscrapers is Dr. Cocktail, a tiny cocktail bar that will cure what ails you. The ambiance is typical of Guiyang’s cocktail lounges — a few sofas, some seats at a bar, dark leather furniture, and jazz playing in the background. It’s an enjoyable nook, with music just loud enough to give you some privacy. The stars here are really the cocktails. While some cocktails are easy to find … Continue reading

001# Space

001# Space 001# Space is a milk tea and cocktail bar that can be found in Guiyang’s downtown. The bar itself is beautifully set in a glass atrium with lots of polished concrete. It has several smaller spaces within, giving you privacy to enjoy your drink. Unlike most bars around Guiyang, the music here doesn’t get cranked to ear-splitting levels after 9 PM. Instead, it remains low all evening, so it’s an excellent place to … Continue reading

Cloud Bar (Novotel Hotel)

Large Booth Seating Cloud Bar Novotel Guiyang Guizhou

Cloud Bar (Novotel Hotel) Located on the 29th floor of the Novotel hotel, Cloud Bar is a brand new beer and cocktail bar with a fantastic view of the city. Even more exciting, the entire bar rotates, so your view changes as you enjoy your drinks. Note that while the bar is open from 11 AM to 1 AM, it only rotates between 6 and 10 PM.  The bar has warm, classic decor (aside from … Continue reading

The New Old Fashion Bar

Singapore sling new old fashion guiyang guizhou

The New Old Fashion Bar The Old Fashion is actually one of the first bars I went to when I first moved to Guiyang. I loved the cocktails and decor, and would pop in from time to time for a drink before dinner. When I heard they had opened a new location, I was a bit worried they’d lose their charm in attempting to modernize. However, they’ve managed to translate a small, single floor knick-knack-filled … Continue reading

Trip Smith

Trip Smith Bar Guiyang Guizhou Beer

Trip Smith Trip Smith is the first and most successful of Guiyang’s  local breweries. Its beer can be found in bars all around the city, and is a recognizable brand name for anyone who’s been in Guiyang for more than a few months. Hidden in an alleyway off of Qianling Dong Lu, Trip Smith began its journey as a local secret, difficult but rewarding to find. Their reputation spread has spread and now they’re one … Continue reading


inside 4 uptown bar guiyang guizhou

Uptown is the straight-up favorite bar for Guiyang expats. The tunes can be loud, but they don’t totally overwhelm conversation, there’s a good selection of beers and cocktails, and they have a pool table.  The staff here speak some English, and the drink menu has English and Chinese so you can order easily even if you end up with a bartender who can’t understand you. They keep the beer cold, which is still not the … Continue reading

First Floor Bar

First Floor Bar Guiyang Guizhou

First Floor is a wonderful bar hidden in the alleys of Xiaoshizi in the downtown area of Guiyang. The owners are friendly and welcoming, and the decor is fantastic. It can be a bit difficult to find the first time you go, but it’s totally worth visiting. First Floor, as its name suggests, is ground-level, meaning they have access to a lovely little courtyard in front of the bar, and also another courtyard inside. The … Continue reading

Obsession Bar

Obsession Bar Guiyang Guizhou

Obsession is a popular hangout on Wenchang Bei Lu. With good cocktails and a nice Chinese/Western menu, it’s no surprise that the bar fills up several nights per week. It’s undergone a recent redesign and added more seating, but even so the seating areas retain a sense of privacy. An assortment of sofas and tables makes up the greater part of the bar. The larger areas like the one pictured here can accommodate larger groups. … Continue reading


Laputa Bar Guiyang Guizhou

Laputa, with its interesting name and tucked away location, is a surprisingly nice small bar for a night out. The decor is excellent, the beer is affordable, and there’s a nice big space between the tables that’s ideal for dancing, if that’s how you get down. The staff also speaks English, a rarity in Guiyang, and a definite plus for new expats. The ambiance is relaxed. With only 5 large tables and some seats at the … Continue reading