Cloud Bar (Novotel Hotel)

Large Booth Seating Cloud Bar Novotel Guiyang Guizhou

Cloud Bar (Novotel Hotel) Located on the 29th floor of the Novotel hotel, Cloud Bar is a brand new beer and cocktail bar with a fantastic view of the city. Even more exciting, the entire bar rotates, so your view changes as you enjoy your drinks. Note that while the bar is open from 11 AM to 1 AM, it only rotates between 6 and 10 PM.  The bar has warm, classic decor (aside from … Continue reading

Monkey King

Monkey King Guiyang Guizhou Beer

Monkey King Over the past few years, brewpubs have begun to pop up around Guiyang. The simple but hip ambiance, fresh brews and good bar food make this type of establishment popular with locals and foreigners alike. Unfortunately, many places tried to follow the success of some of the original pubs without the brewing ability of their predecessors. Monkey King saw the opportunity and burst onto the scene with good beer, decent food, and a … Continue reading


Laputa Bar Guiyang Guizhou

Laputa, with its interesting name and tucked away location, is a surprisingly nice small bar for a night out. The decor is excellent, the beer is affordable, and there’s a nice big space between the tables that’s ideal for dancing, if that’s how you get down. The staff also speaks English, a rarity in Guiyang, and a definite plus for new expats. The ambiance is relaxed. With only 5 large tables and some seats at the … Continue reading