Taobao Guide Part 2: Alipay

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Alipay is one of the main ways to pay for things electronically in China. It works for shopping, food delivery apps, many stores and restaurants, and sending money to your friends. Here, we’re going to set up a bank card on Alipay. You need a Chinese bank card, Chinese phone number, your passport number and your name exactly as your bank typed it in when you made your account. All the info must match or it won’t … Continue reading

Taobao Guide Part 1: Register

Taobao Logo

One thing that many expats find most difficult about being away from home is not knowing where to buy something they need. Most employers have someone in the office to help new foreigners get what they need, but it doesn’t always feel great to bother someone on their day off because you don’t know where to buy a hammer or some good cheese. Online shopping helps you get some of your independence back, and with … Continue reading