Poly Hot Springs (保利温泉)

Poly Hotsprings Guiyang Guizhou Seven Pools

Poly Hot Springs (保利温泉) When most of us hear the words ‘hot springs,’ images of natural hot springs probably come to mind. The pools at Poly Hot Springs are definitely man-made, but that doesn’t mean you should steer clear of them. In fact, the springs are one of the best places in town to beat a hangover, and are easily within the budget of most expats in the city. For a mere 120 (ish) RMB, … Continue reading

Qingyan Old Town (青岩古镇)

Guiyang Guizhou Qingyan Old Town Street

Qingyan Old Town (青岩古镇) Qingyan Old Town is 29 KM south of Guiyang, and makes for an excellent day trip. The fortress was originally built in the late 1300s, and has been expanded and rebuilt over time since then. It’s a popular destination for local tourists as well as foreign, so be prepared for crowds when you visit. It’s really a lovely place to go, though. Packed with temples, small museums, with streets lined with … Continue reading

Qianling Monkey Park (黔灵公园)

qianling park guiyang guizhou monkeys

Qianling Park is probably Guiyang’s most famous attraction. It lies within the city itself, making for an easy afternoon of sightseeing. The park is home to a large population of macaques, the main draw for tourists. The monkeys roam free inside the park, and are concentrated on the rear of the mountain. With its proximity to the city, the low price of entry, and beautiful lake, river and mountain greenery, Qianling Park is a must-see … Continue reading