Taobao Guide Part 3: Address

Welcome to the next step in your Taobao journey! You’ve signed up for Taobao, you have a bank account connected to Alipay. Now you need to tell Taobao where to send your purchases. Head to the Taobao homepage and follow the directions below. You can zoom in on all of the photos in this guide by clicking on them. These pictures are from the desktop version of Taobao. On mobile or the app, the buttons will be in different places, but should say the same thing and be in the same order.

Step 1: After signing in to Taobao, click on the link at the top of the page that says “我的淘宝“ (my Taobao).

Step 2: In the middle of the next page, there’s a link next to your username, “我的收货地址” (my shipping address). Click it. 

Step 3: The next page is where you put all your info. Start by clicking the dropdown menu at the top and selecting “贵州” (Guizhou).

Step 4: After you select Guizhou, the same dropdown menu will switch to cities. Select “贵阳” (Guiyang).

Step 5: Again, the same menu. This time, it’s prompting for districts. In order from left to right, first row and then second, the districts are: 南明 (Nanming), 云岩 (Yunyan), 花溪 (Huaxi), 乌当 (Wudang), 白云 (Baiyun), 开阳 (Kaiyang), 息烽 (Xifeng), 修文 (Xiuwen),  观山湖 (Guanshanhu), and 清镇 (Qingzhen). If you’re not sure, ask a coworker. 

Step 6: The last part of this dropdown menu is district-specific, and if you’re newer in town you’ll definitely need help choosing the right one. These are neighborhood sorting centers. Sometimes there are a few roughly the same distance away from your house. Just pick one close to you. Again, coworkers can help you choose the right one.

Step 7: Almost done! Now, you’ll need to put your info in (in Chinese). First, address. Write it the opposite way you’d write a western address. First, province, then city, district, neighborhood, street, and building, unit and apartment numbers. Your address should look something like this, but in Chinese: Guizhou, Guiyang, Yunyan District, Hunter International*, 3-1-7702.
*Hunter International is the group of apartment buildings above Hunter mall. If you know the name of your apartment complex, you don’t need to put a street name. The example here is not a real address.

Guiyang postal codes can be found here

Your name may be in English or Chinese. I put both, with Chinese first. That way the delivery guys can see a name they can read on the package. If it’s just an English name, they don’t know what to call you when your package comes in, and they can’t read the name on the package to confirm it’s you when you go pick it up.

Put in your phone number, and click 保存 (save). 


taobao registration guide address 7

That should be it! If you buy anything now, it’ll be on its way to you in no time. Next time, we’ll talk about how to search for the things you want, identify a good seller and keep an eye on shipping costs.

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