Taxi Buffet

Taxi Buffet

So you lost this month’s paycheck in a high stakes game of shi wu er shi (十五二十) and are wondering how you’re going to feed yourself and survive this hangover. Lucky for you there’s Taxi Buffet. Located across a side street from Estee mall, Taxi Buffet is a perfect hangover cure disguised as an all-you-can-eat buffet.

If you have trouble finding it look for the line of parked taxis and the crowd of screaming taxi drivers which give this wonderful sidewalk buffet its name…probably. I’m not really sure what the real name is. 

Although it isn’t much for atmosphere, you can choose between the dirty interior tables or sitting on stools along the dirty sidewalk. I personally feel like the outdoor seats add a gritty level of character to your meal. You will almost certainly end up sharing your table with a taxi driver who will assuredly add a touch of Guizhou charm to your dining experience. Remember that this is an all-you-can-eat joint, so if you don’t make your escape by crawling to a taxi and hefting your playdough like physique into the back seat then you did it wrong. There are countless family-run buffet options like this across Guiyang for your broke ass to explore, but this one is my favorite.


The buffet options change day to day, but kung pow chicken, shredded potato and peppers, smoky tofu strips, ground pork with assorted vegetables (including eggplant), and egg and tomato are staples. 


You don’t need one. After paying 13 RMB at the front, you are provided a small bowl for rice, a large bowl for your buffet choices, and a pair of chopsticks. You use the same bowl and chopsticks if you are getting a refill, so don’t leave them on the table to grab a fresh set. The “menu” is just what you see in front of you, and varies on a day-to-day basis.


This place is next door to Estee Mall. When facing the mall,  look to the right to see the short road that runs along the right side of the mall (粑粑街, bābā jiē). On the far side of that street, almost to the end of it, you can see two little buffet places. The one raved about here is the one closest to the corner, with a convenience store to its left. The line of taxis parked outside should give it away. 

TAXI (to Estee Mall): 逸天城,市南路

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