The New Old Fashion Bar

The New Old Fashion Bar

The Old Fashion is actually one of the first bars I went to when I first moved to Guiyang. I loved the cocktails and decor, and would pop in from time to time for a drink before dinner.

When I heard they had opened a new location, I was a bit worried they’d lose their charm in attempting to modernize. However, they’ve managed to translate a small, single floor knick-knack-filled hideaway into a multi-story location without losing the cozy feeling of the original.

One issue I did have at the old location was incredibly slow service. At the new location it’s definitely improved, but they’re still not quite on top of their game. For now, it’s best suited to smaller groups who aren’t in a hurry. The cocktails are delicious, and worth waiting for, but larger groups might get a bit impatient waiting for their first drink.

All cocktails are listed in on the menu in English and Chinese, and are priced in the 50 RMB range for the most part. First, we had a Gin & Tonic and two Negronis, all of which were in line with what you’d expect when you order. The glassware for the Negroni is a gorgeous rocks glass, and reflects the colors of the drink beautifully. Then, we had a Singapore Sling which very well may be the best one I’ve ever had. It was super flavorful, frothy on top, and arrived relatively quickly.

In a sea of leathery lounge bars and velvet and rhinestone sofas, the decor at the new Old Fashion is a breath of fresh air. I’d describe the style as ‘grandmother’s basement’ in the best possible way. Every nook and cranny is special. Fun fabrics draped over eclectic furniture, an old piano, room dividers and light fixtures really come together in a unique style.

You can find bars on the first and second floors, so don’t worry about where you sit. No matter what there’ll be a bar nearby.


You can find the new Old Fashion in an alleyway off of Xinhua Lu, about halfway between the Dananmen traffic circle and the theater house in Jinianta. The first photo here shows the entrance to the alleyway. The second photo is the very cool standalone building that houses the bar. It’s just inside the alley to the left. 

TAXI: 新华路(新华巷路口)


Hours: Noon-2AM, daily

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