World Cup 2018: Where to Watch

World Cup 2018: Where to Watch

We’re a bit more than a week into the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and Guiyang is going crazy for it. The last time the World Cup took place, finding a good spot to watch a game was a struggle, and the very late night games were near-impossible. This year, you can see the games on all over the city. I’ve seen games broadcast on the big screen outside Hunter City Mall, inside McDonald’s, and at outdoor BBQ stands.

If you’re looking for a nice spot to catch a game, read on below. Some of these are places that have already been featured on Guiyang Bites, but a few are new to the site. Either way, they’re all cool spots to catch the game. Please note that even when venues claim they will be open for the very late games, they may still close if there’s nobody around for the game. Get there a bit early if it’s an important one!

Dada Saloon 

Dada Saloon is the newest venue on this list, having opened the first day of the World Cup. Essentially, it’s a 29th-floor rooftop with a huge screen and a pop-up bar. What makes them special? For one, the view is amazing. Dada is smack in the middle of Dashizi, downtown, and you can see all the city’s finest construction zones from your perch. However, the real draw here is the drinks. There are a few different bartenders offering their own menus, from twists on classic cocktails, to country-specific drinks. Seating can be scarce, so show up early to make sure to get a spot, especially on nights with big games, or on steaming hot nights where everyone wants to catch that rooftop breeze. They are open for late games, but for games starting at or after 2AM, service is beer-only.

  • LOCATED: 29th floor of the Jinjiang Flower Hotel (hotel is currently under renovation, follow the numbered photos below to get into the correct elevator) 
  • TAXI:锦江鲜花大酒店,大十字

Paulaner Brahaus at the Kempinski Hotel

Paulaner should be a familiar name for anyone who frequents the site. They have fresh-brewed beer on tap and a delicious menu of high-quality food. You can catch matches on their huge patio, where they have games broadcasting on a very large screen. If it’s raining, you won’t miss a bit, as you can run inside to their spacious beer hall and watch the game on multiple TVs and a larger central screen. There is a special brew out for the World Cup, so if a citra hop beer with a fruity flavor sounds appealing to you, head on over! Paulaner also has a special for teachers, so if you go on Monday or Wednesday, you can buy-one-get-one beer all night long, and a 30% discount on food orders. Paulaner plays late games as well, as long as they have people interested in watching. Come early or call ahead to make sure that they will be open for you.

  • Call 85 9999 99 to reach the Kempinski front desk and ask to be connected to Paulaner

Le Bar at Sofitel Hotel

Sofitel is Guiyang’s newest five-star hotel, and can be found directly above Hunter City Mall. If you’re looking to watch football, you’ll have to head up to Le Bar on the 55th floor. Turn right out of the elevators and right once more to find the huge screen broadcasting the game. The ambiance here is upscale. Lush carpets, comfortable sofas and armchairs, and quiet surroundings make for a different, but very enjoyable game experience. During ad breaks, wander around to admire the view of Guiyang, as the lounge has tall windows all the way around. They also have a nice selection of interesting imported beers priced at 52RMB per bottle or 268 RMB for 6 beers and a snack. They are open for the late games as well, so even if your team isn’t playing until 2AM, you’re in luck.

  • LOCATED: Sofitel Hotel 55th floor, above Hunter City Mall

Monkey King

Monkey King is also a familiar name in Guiyang, and they’ve lined up a few cool things for the World Cup. They have a new brew, the June Wheat, available, and a special for a huge, 1.2L mug of their Worker Pilsner on for 70 RMB. Of course, they also have their regular beer and snack menus available. On weekdays they show the first one or two games each day, but close before the very late 2AM or later games. On weekends they will remain open for late games. Also, if a game is especially important or popular, they will remain open, even if it is a weekday.

  • LOCATED: In an alleyway near Estee Mall, please follow link above to find photo directions!


We’ve featured Obsession before, and they’re a great choice for the World Cup. Their drinks are always tasty, they have a good selection of cold bottled beer, and a couple beers on tap. The kitchen remains open until 1:30 AM, so you can munch away while you cheer on your team, and liquor/wine/cocktail service continues until 2 AM. Though there’s only beer afterwards but they do stay open for every late game. Make sure you know where they are in case one of the other bars here closes early on a day you really need to see your team! Obsession is usually pretty full for the first game or two, so make sure to make a reservation earlier in the day if you want a table for those games (tables will be held until 9:30 PM at the latest). By the late-night games, you should be fine without a reservation.

  • For reservations, add Mr. Zhi on WeChat. Though he doesn’t speak English, you can write English and he can write Chinese, and both of you can use the translate function! Search 18096190021 to add him (or use the phone number to call and make a reservation in Chinese)

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are screens in places I never would have expected playing matches all over the city. If you’ve got a suggestion, or would like to share a venue with other readers, please share below! That goes double if they play the late games, as people are always scrambling to find a place for them. Enjoy!

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