Xishui Black Tofu Hotpot (习水黑豆花火锅)

This was only my second time visiting this gem. A friend who lives nearby recommended it, and after eating it once I couldn’t wait to go back. The menu is a simple checklist format for the soup base, meat, tofu and some vegetable selections. Walk to the back of the restaurant to grab your own green veggies — no need to order those.




We ordered a small pot that came with meatballs and black tofu already in it (not pictured) for 58 RMB. Pictured around it, you can see mushroom meatballs, bread balls, erkuaiba, and cauliflower, as well as the green veggies that we grabbed from the back. Since we were only two people, we defnitely over-ordered. We had to call in reinforcements to finish.



It’s all about the lajiao here. I’m not kidding. This lajiao is not super spicy, but it’s full of flavour. On top you can see chopped mint leaves and green onion. Hidden beneath is garlic, a cube of fermented tofu, and a sexy, oily pool of lajiao sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Not everybody loves spicy food. I get that. However, if you don’t eat lajiao, don’t complain that hotpot is bland. A big part of the hotpot experience is the dipping sauce. At this restaurant, in fact, the lajiao is the star of the show.

After your soup comes to a boil, toss a ladle or so of the broth in your lajiao bowl, mix it up and enjoy heaven.



You can find this place on Dongxin Lu, close to Hunter Mall.

Walking: From Hunter, head up the hill, past the intersection at Zhongshan, and turn right at the next set of lights (Dongxin Lu 东新路). It’s a short street. Just look for the tallest buildings on the whole street as you walk. This restaurant is under those buildings, on the left side of the road.

Taxi: 东新路习水黑豆花火锅




This is where I’ll pop a photo of the menu when I take a better one!

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