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MUMUONE: Guiyang’s Best Breakfast, Hands Down

MUMUONE: Guiyang’s Best Breakfast, Hands Down

MUMUONE: Guiyang's Best Breakfast, Hands Down

MUMUONE is the place to go for a western brunch in Guiyang. They have good coffee, snacks, a handful of cocktails, AND ALL-DAY BRUNCH. All day, everyday. Best of all, it’s actually good. Not only do they have dishes that are extremely rare in Guiyang (hello, Eggs Benedict), the serving sizes are ample and everything tastes great. As an added bonus for some of us, there’s no smoking in the restaurant (but if you are a smoker, you can smoke next to their massive open windows in the summer, or just outside the restaurant in winter).

At 8 in the evening, the kitchen rolls over to a snack menu and the restaurant turns into a bar. They have Monkey King’s beer on tap, and good cocktails. The owners are wonderful to work with if you’d like to host a party. They speak English and always go above and beyond with decorations, special requests, and fantastic food and drinks

This menu is full of all star dishes, but let’s just lead with what you want to know. Yes, that’s a damned fine breakfast. It’s got sausages, hashbrowns, eggs, beans, bacon, and homemade bread with avocado.  Also, if you’re vegetarian or don’t eat pork, the restaurant will work with you to sub in something that you can eat. If you’re just a big eater, there are options to pay a bit more for extra hashbrowns, sausages, eggs or bacon.

Next up, the Eggs Benedict. It comes with a side salad or fries. As far as the Eggs Benedict themselves, the flavor is excellent. The bread is a simple homemade crusty loaf, you can select if you want it soft or crusty. You can also choose between a couple of varities of Benny: there’s the smoked salmon, an Italian ham, and the souffle pancake variety. 

Oh. My. God. Look at that. Souffle Pancake Eggs Benedict! These are so good that just looking at my photos makes me want to skip work and go right now. Souffle pancakes are these beautiful, soft, fluffy, inch-tall eggy marvels. They aren’t sugary sweet, but have a yellow tint from the egg used, and are soft inside. Not quite gooey, but they have just a bit more give than the outside. When you put soft-poached eggs Benny on top, the egg, hollandaise and fluffy pancake melt together with every bite and make you want to cry with happiness. Also, look at that bacon! It’s a far cry from the bacon usually served around Guiyang, and is cooked to perfection before being perched on top this beautiful stack.

Finally, a new special item has popped up on the menu that I can’t resist. MUMUONE has come out with two varieties of baked egg, both of which are excellent. The Italian meatball baked egg has a few meatballs in a Bolognese sauce. It’s served with two slices of olive-oil-drizzled ciabatta and has a handful of thick-cut fries around the edge of the dish. 

The menu at MUMUONE regularly changes with recent specials or seasonal items, and is available in English or Chinese. When you arrive at the restaurant, simply use WeChat to scan and order through their digital menu. I’ve included photos below of an old menu to give you an idea of what’s available, and though some dishes will change, most things remain available.

MUMUONE can be found on Xinhua Lu, fairly close to the large traffic circle down the hill from Hunter Mall. If you’re walking from Hunter, head down to the traffic circle, keep left as you cross the river, and you’ll see MUMUONE a few hundred meters away from the traffic circle, also on your left. It’s a big storefront, so it should be easy to find. Search for MUMUONE on WeChat locations for the exact location.

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