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Jiaxiu Pavilion: The Heart of Guiyang

Jiaxiu Pavilion: The Heart of Guiyang

Jiaxiu Pavilion lies astride a large rock, with a bridge connecting it to the banks of the river. It’s three stories, all accessible by the public. The first floor has a model of the pavilion and some furniture inside. Head up the stairs to locate a pretty run-of-the-mill gift shop, which doesn’t offer anything particularly special, but has some overpriced knick-knacks if you’re in a rush to grab souvenirs. On the third floor, you’ll find an area for calligraphy. If you head up there, you can watch a man doing calligraphy and buy some pieces he has done.

The tower also contains a famous couplet by Liu Yushan, believed to be the longest of its kind. Of course this, and all other written descriptions within the tower are in Chinese.

A visit to the tower won’t take up much of your day, so don’t worry about planning an entire afternoon here. There is a tea-shop in the gardens to the south of the tower, but the prices are rather steep. Tourists can expect to pay about 200 RMB per person if they can’t speak Chinese to bargain. If you’re able, and it’s not a busy holiday weekend, you should be able to get the price down closer to 50 RMB.

In the photo here, looking toward downtown from the tower, you can see there is a row of 4-5 story buildings lining the street. If you’d like a nice view of the river and tower, look at the roofs of these buildings and spot one with a patio. Any one will do. Find your way upstairs (likely accessible from the rear of the building) and enjoy a coffee or tea without breaking the bank. In the evening, the pavilion and surrounding area are lit up, and you can watch local seniors come out for their evening dancing.

Get There

Jiaxiu Pavilion is right in the middle of downtown, making it a quick walk from Hunter Mall. If you’re there, head down the hill to the traffic lights and turn left. You’ll see the river and the pavilion after walking another minute. If you’re elsewhere and want to take a taxi, every taxi driver knows how to get there, so you can just show them the address below. The interior of the pavilion is open from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Show your taxi: 甲秀楼

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