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Trip Smith: Guiyang’s OG Craft Beer

Trip Smith: Guiyang’s OG Craft Beer

Trip Smith is the first and most successful of Guiyang’s  local breweries. Its beer can be found in bars all around the city, and is a recognizable brand name for anyone who’s been in Guiyang for more than a few months. Hidden in an alleyway off of Qianling Dong Lu, Trip Smith began its journey as a local secret, difficult but rewarding to find. Their reputation spread has spread and now they’re one of the most popular places in the city for people to grab a beer and some good eats. They constantly have new brews, including tasty seasonals. The grimy alleyway vibe of their original location is unparalleled.

Their popularity has led them to procure an additional space next door. It serves as extra seating and a non-smoking section. In recent years, they have also opened a full location at Future Ark, and a pre-bottled location on Xin Yinchang Lu.

My first visit here, years ago, was prompted by rumors that they had fish and chips, a dish that remains impossible to find elsewhere in Guiyang. I’m sad to report that Trip Smith’s fish and chips are now a shadow of their former glory. Previously a juicy slab of fish that was often bigger than the plate it was served on, it’s now a few thin fillets, overcooked and dry.


Trip Smith’s burger is a great dish, though it’s a bit pricey for a burger, coming in at 68 RMB. There’s a small serving of tasty hand-cut fries on the side, and the burger is topped with a good amount of mozza and greens. The T.S. Burger also has caramelized onions, something I haven’t seen elsewhere in Guiyang. Though it’s on the smaller side, Trip Smith’s burger might be the best in town for now.

Though Trip Smith’s food menu is pretty good, it’s really the beer that brings people back time and time again. Their menu sports a good variety, with creatively named IPAs, pilseners, wheat beers, fruit beers, and the darker stouts, bitters and porters. A nice thing about the menu is that each brew has the alcohol percentage noted below the price, so you can keep an eye out for the stronger brews (whether that’s to avoid them or gulp them down). When you order, make sure to specify small or large. The large will get you a proper pint, while the small is a much daintier serving.

My photos are a touch out of date. Prices have gone up, and there’s a much greater variety now.

Get There

The original location of Trip Smith is located in a short alleyway that runs between Humen Alley and Qianling Dong Lu. TAXI: 黔灵东路,余家巷

The pre-bottled-only location is on Xin Yinchang Lu. TAXI: 新印厂路

The location in Future Ark is along the riverside on Shuidong Lu.  TAXI: 水东路 (it’s a long road, so this one you’ll definitely want to find on WeChat location or Baidu maps to get all the way there. Searching in English will show all three locations.)

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